Adequacy of Supporting Infrastructure

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Domestic Water:

As per the Water Management and Snowmaking Strategy (found in the Document library of this website), sufficient domestic water is available for the existing Resort facilities plus the Long-Range Plan components. The existing water collection and storage infrastructure and the existing water permit allowances can accommodate the maximum capacity of 8,500 SAOT (skiers at one time) including staff accommodation and the hotel. No additional water storage reservoirs, wells, or surface diversions are proposed in connection with this Long-Range Plan. No changes to the snowmaking system are proposed with this Long-Range Plan. A new underground water line and a wastewater line will be constructed from the Wolverine Day Lodge to the existing wastewater treatment plant. In a worst-case drought year scenario, snowmaking in the village will be reduced to maintain adequate water storage in the existing reservoirs for domestic water needs at 8,500 SAOT, although this is a remote possibility based on the existing available reservoir storage. Please refer to Appendix A for further detail regarding water supply and demand, summer and winter.

Wastewater System:

Sunshine Village proposed in 2021, in advance of a Long-Range Plan, a project to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant operation and equipment to consistently meet the Parks Canada Leadership Targets as outlined in the 2010 Banff National Park Management Plan. The capacity of the system, treatment improvements and processes are being designed to operate with 8,500 SAOT, staff accommodations, commercial facilities, operational facilities, administrative facilities, and the hotel. A third-party professional engineer has been retained to demonstrate to Parks Canada and the Resort that the proposed work will meet expectations and the Banff National Park Leadership Targets. This wastewater treatment facility treats all effluent generated above the base area. Wastewater generated at the base area is hauled outside the park by truck. It is expected that the WWTP improvements will be in place prior to the completion of the Wolverine Day Lodge and within the five-year contemplated timeframe for this Long-Range Plan.

Electrical Power System:

The capacity of the regional power grid that supplies Banff National Park is well in excess of projected needs for the Banff National Park ski areas, communities, outlying commercial development. The distribution system within the resort is capable of supplying power for the present and future lifts and facilities in this Long-Range Plan. See the Detailed Impact Assessment for the Long-Range Plan for additional detail.

Communication System:

Sunshine Village has recently upgraded the capacity of its fiber optic and communications equipment. This new equipment and infrastructure improved safety, communications, and reliability.

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