Will lift tickets go up as a result of the LRP projects?

    Sunshine Village is committed to keeping skiing as affordable as possible. If our proposed projects are approved, we will continue to offer an affordable ski and snowboard experience. Many factors go into pricing. It’s inevitable that prices rise but we’ll work hard to ensure that less expensive options are available, like our excellent Season Pass prices, the Sunshine Super Card, and discounted tickets available at Costco. Finding ways to make the winter, and summer, experience at Sunshine Village competitive and affordable is in everyone’s best interest.

    What are the proposed changes to parking?

    With completion of the 2018 Site Guidelines, and in recognition that it will take time to prepare a Long-Range Plan, Parks Canada listed projects that can be brought forward for consideration in advance of a Long-Range Plan. Sunshine Village has applied for development and building permits for the following parking related projects:

    • Parking Lot Stormwater Management System, Buffer Enhancement, and Reconfiguration
      • Applied for 2021, completed summer 2021.
      • This project is designed to meet the directives of the 2018 Site Guidelines for the protection of Healy Creek. The project also adds 250 parking stalls within the base area.
    • Base Area Parkade
      • Applied for 2021.
      • The parkade will provide an additional 450 parking stalls.
      • The parkade will be developed in phases.

    What is in the Long-Range Plan?

    The Long-Range Plan is a necessary step in the planning process for ski resorts located in the Canadian National Parks. The Long-Range Plan and associated Detailed Impact Assessment (DIA) describe a group of project proposals, consistent with the Site Guideline direction that the ski area wishes to advance.

    What are the goals of the Long-Range Plan?

    • To bring the resort into balance (see the “Limits to Growth and Resort Balancing” section of this engagement website, or section 4.2 of the Long-Range Plan) with the supply of transit/parking, commercial space additions (Wolverine Day Lodge and reclassification of temporary COVID facilities), and expanded lift serviced terrain below treeline for poor weather days (Goat’s Eye II); because for decades, balance has been a problem at Sunshine Village.
    • To educate our guests on the diverse cultural history, wildlife and vegetation through our improved Interpretation and Education Strategy (see the “Interpretation and Education Strategy” section of this engagement website, or section 4.6 of the Long-Range Plan).
    • Enhancing the ski areas capacity from 6,500 guests to the 2018 Site Guidelines approved capacity of 8,500 guests, allowing more national park enthusiasts to enjoy Sunshine Village in both Summer and Winter.

    What are the major projects proposed in the LRP?

    This first Long-Range Plan submission contains four components that are advanced for consideration by Parks Canada and the Minister. They are:

    1. Reclassification of temporary COVID-19 facilities to non-temporary commercial space.
    2. Additional chair capacity and chair parking rail on the existing TeePee Town chairlift.
    3. Goat’s Eye II chairlift and glades.
    4. A day lodge located at the top of the Wolverine and Jackrabbit chair lifts (Wolverine Day Lodge).

    A subsequent Long-Range Plan will be submitted by Sunshine Village when circumstances warrant, which will propose additional projects.

    What happens to the feedback that I provide on this website?

    Comments, questions, and concerns will be provided to Parks Canada, and considered in the final Long-Range Plan and Detailed Impact Assessment.